Friday, May 14, 2010

Mondo's Sports Cafe

Love this place for several reasons! Mainly for the diversity since it fits the bill for casual, high end, sporty, and relaxing. However, the atmosphere isn't the only thing that is diverse. The menu has a pleasing array of options for any mood or taste and the food is very fresh and mostly homemade.  Now on to the one negative. They used to serve free homemade bread(everything here is homemade including the pasta...another bonus) however they now charge a small amount for it. Their reason? A lot of it was going to waste as well as being a high overhead cost. Still, I would think they could at least throw in a basket with your dinner once ordered.

5/10/12 - Update
They have expanded their beer list!  There is now a great deal of import and microbrew beer on tap here.  Just another reason to check it out!

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