Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fat Canary - Top Notch One of a Kind Place

LOVE this place!  Top notch group of people that own the place as well as the people work here.  This wasn't just dinner, this was an experience!
Atmosphere is hustling and bustling in a pleasant way that makes the place just feel like it has an energy to it.  You can keep an eye on what is going on in the kitchen while you are dining since it's open to the dining room.  
The service was absolutely top notch and they are very knowledgeable about the food and wine.
Even better is the fact that they have a cheese shop attached to it that serves sandwiches, cheeses, and wines during the day.

Even their logo is awesome!  :)

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  1. Is this the Fat Canary in Williamsburg? If so, I heard it was a great restaurant that opened in '04, with relaxed dining place and ambiance topped by decent servings of local specialties.

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  2. It is the Fat Canary in Williamsburg. It is fantastic! It's one of those great restaurants that provide more than just good food and service, it provides an experience!

  3. The funny thing about the Fat Canary is the name belies what it really is. You would think that it is an ordinary stall but it is a great restaurant and the staff really makes you feel at home.
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  4. That is so true Skyshouder! I actually think their marketing and logo around the name is really cool and unique....just another thing I like. :)

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  6. Do they have catering service? If so then it would be a pleasure for us to have them serve for my sibling’s wedding.

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  7. Sylvanna - I do not believe that they do, however here is their contact information if you would like to contact them:

    410 W Duke of Gloucester St
    Williamsburg, VA 23185
    (757) 229-3333
    Open every night, 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
    During the winter months, Fat Canary will be closed on Mondays.

  8. Restaurants with a great atmosphere and service will really be a top notch. I haven’t visited their place but I am interested of what kind of dishes they serve. Did you took some pictures when you were there?

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  9. Hi Beatrise,

    I don't have any pictures and their menu changes so I would recommend visiting their website for both!