Saturday, May 21, 2011


Atmosphere is excellent as well as the extensive drink menu.  Their specialty is serving small plates so you are able to try several different things.  "The Oz" stores and preserves their wine for a perfect glass every time.  Their service is great for the most part it's just the food that is either right on or right off base.  

This last time we went the food was WAY off.  It's pretty rare that I would consider food not edible and unfortunately I have to say this was this case:

I had the Portabello Bruschetta which was a slimy blob of a mess with no flavor, then the Baked Ravioli which tasted like they accidentally used a lemon dessert ricotta.  Since I was 2 for 2 on bad luck I decided to try one.more.thing.  Crispy Potato Gnocchi, not crispy but rather a greasy mess.  

Oh I was just so disappointed, we left and had an appetizer elsewhere since we were still rather hungry for something good and filling.  :(

# of Visits: 8 / Yelp / Yellow Pages

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