Monday, October 3, 2011

Alligator Soul

Food - Was delish!  We both got a salad and the croutons were unexpected and beyond amazing.  I do find myself craving these little pieces of heaven and would suggest you to get a salad just to have the opportunity to eat them!  I did feel that although it was really good food, it was somewhat a let down because of how much the waiter hyped it up.  He was really descriptive explaining it so that it sounded more unique and interesting then what you see and get once it arrives.  I had the scallops which were cooked perfectly and the flavors were great.  My dining partner had the pork chop and he said that it was heavy, just ok, and he was regretful that he didn't try something else that was more of a specialty item.

Service - Done the way it should be done.  He was very attentive and helpful.  Brought us special treats from the bar and from the kitchen.  He did disappear once for quite some time and we were wondering where both he and our food was, but it wasn't something I would say would sway my opinion of the place.

Atmosphere - It's kinda weird walking underground to enter but once you do, it's dark, cozy, romantic, quirky, and historic all in one.  I think the atmosphere is what really contributes to the success of this place.  

Value - I'm one to pay a lot for something if it's worth it and I would have to say that this didn't QUITE get me there.  Prices were really high and I would have to say if they weren't that high I would have marked this as one of my all time favorites. 

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